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We observed a minute’s silence today, in memory of Ashling Murphy. We joined with schools all around the country in her honour. We remembered Ashling, her family, her school and the wider community in our prayers. Solas na bhflaitheas uirthi. @DurrowNS ScoilAilbhe photo
Our #StudentCouncil have started #BuddyClub with the boys in 2nd class. They have organised lunchtime games for them for the next four weeks. The boys had plenty of #fun! @ActiveFlag @PDSTpe #leadership #friends #active ScoilAilbhe photo
Even when they got up close and personal, there was no fear….from the students anyway!!! We look forward to having @natreptilezoo visit us @ScoilAilbhe again soon. #scienceinaction #animals #activelearning @PDSTPrimarySTEM ScoilAilbhe photo