Green Schools Update January 2015 – Green Day Looms!!

Green Schools is an international environmental education programme . It is a means of encouraging school-going children to be more aware of their environment and determine what they can do to protect and enhance it.  The scheme is run in conjunction with local authorities and is managed by An Taisce. Following the successful establishment of the seven steps of Green Schools the school can apply for a Green Schools award. This award comes in the form of a Green Flag that can be displayed in the school.

We are working towards our 1st green flag, LITTER AND WASTE. Work commenced in November 2013 and we hope to be awarded our green flag in Spring 2015. Our committee consisting of 2-3 boys from every year group along with Ms Power and Mr Foxton meet every couple of weeks. Our application has been received and we have earned high praise from An Taisce for the actions we have taken. These include

*reduction in wheelie bin size-1100L to 660L

*healthy lunches, treat only on Fridays

*Printing both sides and back and front

*Composting of food waste

*Labelling of all classroom bins for waste and recycling

*Linking to the curriculum

*Our action day

We now expect a visit from Catherine Broderick from Tipperary County Council in mid January 2015 and fingers crossed we will be awarded our first green flag. We would like to thanks parents for their co-operation, especially in the healthy lunch policy as this has contributed hugely to our reduction in waste. There also has been a reduction in food wrappers, cling film and tin foil so less packaging is going home. We have managed to reduce our waste by a whopping 60%.

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